Wrecsam Tri Club Leagues 2018

New for 2018 Wrecsam Tri will be running a club league to encourage members to participate in races for the club, to inspire some friendly competition between members and to celebrate the club’s top performers.


  • To be eligible to participate in the league you must be a paid up member of Wrecsam Tri Club for 2018.
  • You must send a link to your race results to Tom via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or through facebook.

Scoring Races

  • Every time you do a multisport race you will be given a score out of 100 depending on where you finished in the field. Those finishing near the front will get a score near 100 and those near the back will get a lower score.
  • Your best 5 races count (meaning the maximum score you can get from these races is 500).
  • Your 5 races can either be 5 triathlons or 4 triathlons and a duathlon/aquathlon.
  • Novice races such as GoTri do not count.

Bonus Points

  • 1 bonus point will be awarded for completing a race in club kit. To claim your bonus point, post a picture of you at the race in your club kit onto the club facebook page. If there is an option to race under a club when entering a race you must list Wrecsam Tri as your club.
    • Multisport races including and on top of your 5 scoring races count.
    • Running races such as road races, trail races, fell races, border’s league, XC ect count. Weekly events such as parkrun do not count.
    • Cycling events such as sportives, cyclocross, audax events count.
    • Open water swims such as the Dee Mile and Great North Swim do count.
  • 10 bonus points are awarded on completion of a multisport championship race which you needed to qualify for (e.g. ETU/ITU races, Kona etc.).
  • Additional bonus points are awarded for category podiums in multisport races (3rd=1point, 2nd=2point, 1st=4points)
  • 5 bonus points will be awarded for volunteering at Chirk Triathlon or at Wrecsam Tri’s home Border’s League fixture at Mold.
  • To encourage members to participate at races as a team, 5 bonus points will be awarded for completion of any of the following local races:
    • Mold Triathlon 29/04/2018
    • Deva Triathlon (Olympic or Middle) 03/06/2018
    • Bala Standard Triathlon 08/07/2018
    • Shropshire Triathlon (any distance) 16/09/2018