Wrecsam Tri Club 2014 AGM - 16th November 2014


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Jon B Williams, Kate Ellis, Pete Ellis, Kenny Hughes, Peter Norman, Kim Norman, Claire Ballamy, Steve Smith, Chris Smith, Aline Briffa, Chris Briffa, Iestyn O’Neill, Colin Hunt, Max Williams, Derrick Batty, Ian Houston, Mitch, Tony Sinnet, Andy Campbell, Steve Nicholls, Joes Ames, Barry Loder, Joe Dodd, Mike Waters, Tim Burnett, Jude Loder, Justin Hooson,


Apologies for Absence:

Ian Laing, Shaun O’Keefe, Lynne Evans, Rich Hayes, Dave Savage

Item No.




IJ/PE - Introduction

IJ welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the committee members.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last years AGM

PE advised that there were no actions from this meeting and asked for approval of the minutes. All approved.



JW – Role of Honour


JW had collated a presentation highlighting some of the outstanding achievements of club members in the last year. These included, Ironman Tenby – Tony Sinnett, Ian Houston, Rob Jude, Rob Jones. Ironman Bolton – Sarah, Bill, Ollie and Shaun. Ironman Mallorca – Chris Smith and Derrick Batty.

Shaun O’Keefe achieved 4 Ironman races in 2014.

Tim Burnett – European qualified for ETU in Geneva 2015. Ian Houston – Aberdyfi Standard Champion. There was also a special mention to Pete Norman for all he had achieved throughout 2014 and being an inspiration to club members.

JW thanked Steve Smith for all his hard work on organising the Chirk race for the past 17 years following his decision to step down from the organisation team.

JW thanked Julian and all his helpers for the Bala races and Kim and her team for their work at Chirk.

JW thanked the coaches (Chris, Ollie & Steve) for all their hard work.

PE asked if anyone was interested in coaching to contact him. He also mentioned that there was funding available from the Wrexham Council for training coaches via official BTF / WT courses. Anyone taking up this offer would be required to put back an agreed number of hours as a club coach

JW also mentioned John Royle for double brutal. Sarah Ryder for her performance in Bolton in her first season.   He also gave a special mention to the new members getting stuck in – Glenn, Barry, Joe, Beth, Nadine and Steve.

JW also thanked Lynne Evans for all her hard work on the newsletter.



PE – Committee Member Posts for re-election


JW advised that he is happy to continue with his role as Club Captain but he does struggle for time with a young family and if anyone would like to take over and be elected he would be happy to step down.


PE advised that Lynne Evans who currently holds the post of Publicity Secretary has got a new job and will be struggling with time. PE asked if anyone would be interested in assisting with this role to contact him.

PE advised that Iori Jones who currently holds the position of Chairman will also be stepping down from his role. Anyone interested in taking up this position to let him know.



GW – Accounts for 2014


We opened with a balance of £9087.63

GW ran through the accounts

The closing balance is £11,664.80

GW advised that the accounts were in a good state at the moment.

JH commented that Shaun O’Keefe is also trying to sell the old kit which will also bring more money into the club.

JH advised that as a condition of membership of the Border League the club would have to host and pay the costs of running a race in 2015. The cost for this are estimated to be around £300 - £400, and will be incurred in the 2015 account.

PE advised to the group that the membership and race accounts are separate.

The group accepted the club accounts.



PE – Club Media / Publicity


PE thanked Lynne Evans for all her work on publicity throughout 2014.

The media channels were discussed, Newsletter, Social Network and Club website.   All agreed that social media needed to be managed appropriately. PE asked members to be respectful towards fellow club members when sending social media posts / comments.



JH/KM - Club Events


Chirk Race 2015

KN confirmed that the online entry opens on 23rd November at 6pm.

CB advised that no entries will be kept for club members. Everyone needs to apply through the online entry system.

KN advised that the race committee has changed a little but she would like to rotate this going forward as members now have other work commitments.   CB would like to stand down and is looking for someone to shadow her to take over.

Planning is going well and they have managed to keep the price the same.

KN advised we would not have Alf Jones sponsorship but she was looking for sponsorship elsewhere.

KN also mentioned that we were saying goodbye to Steve Smith this year. The group then showed their appreciation to Steve.

KN advised that the race has been successful and this was due to the number of volunteers 40-50.

On behalf of the club, PE thanked the race committee for their tireless effort to improve the quality of the event year on year.

Bala 2014 and 2015

JH advised that a loss of £2.5k had been carried over from the 2013, and had been completely recovered in 2014, with a surplus carried into 2015

This had been helped by grants received from sponsors and from Gwynedd Events for both 2014 Bala races.

Grants applications have been placed with Gwynedd to support the 2015 races and will be reviewed some time later in the year.

Charity donations from all the races for 2014 totalled £8,194.84 to date, and will be reviewed again once all 2015 bills have been received and paid.

PE commented that working with the communities was key to ensure the success of the races and both teams had worked hard in 2014 to achieve this.

JH confirmed that he had been advised that the North Wales Police who are supportive of the Bala races were not going to charge us for this year.

JH confirmed that the total donated to Aspire from 2003-2014 was £37,500.   JH then explained that the charity was the National Spinal Cord injury charity and had been the BTF’s supported charity

KN asked whether members can suggest a charity. JH advised that this is welcome and that priority would be given to members who could seek funding from their companies to double the donation.



PE – Committee Meetings

PE advised that the next committee meeting will be booked in before Christmas.   Committee meetings had been happening throughout 2014. A meeting schedule will be put together for 2015 and invited ‘any other business’ items from members to discuss at these meetings.

PE advised that minutes of these meetings and AGM are on the website.



PE – Any Other Business


Club Kit

There was a discussion around the inventory of the items. PE advised that if members would like any kit some had been brought to the meeting today and to take a look

PE advised that some members had been looking into an alternative kit supplier due to recent complaints of Tiger frog’s poor delivery.

PE confirmed that this was under consideration by the committee. A review of the kit accounts and current kit held in stock needs to take place. Once all the issues are documented and understood. The committee will make a decision on whether to switch supplier.  

Velodrome Sessions

PE advised that the club had previously held some good sessions. Before the club commits to booking sessions, PE wanted to gauge the level of interest first. Any members wanting to attend must email PE. MW and PE would then look at available slots. It is proposed that sessions would be on a Thursday between 8-10pm. PE thanked Chester Tri for club members being able to attend their sessions.

Virgin London Marathon 2015

PE advised that 1 entry from the Welsh Athletics has been gained for a club member for 2015. The member would need to be member of the Welsh Athletics. There were 3 entries into the hat for the draw. IJ withdrew Richard Thomas’ name from the hat. PE to email Richard Thomas to advise him and complete the online entry for him.

Club Social Events

PE advised that the Penmaenmawr Fell Race was next weekend.

PE also asked club members for ideas for the 12 days of Christmas and look to arrange an event. These are out of season activities, usually hash runs etc and all tend to be fun events.   Anyone wishing to arrange an event to email PE by the 30th November who will then put together a calendar of events.

Christmas Party

PE also asked if anyone would like to arrange the Christmas Party. Shaun O’Keefe arranged this last year at Tyn y Capel and would arrange again if there was particular interest. Members are to advise SOK of their interest.


Tour of Flanders (Chris Smith stag do)

PE advised entries went live for this event on 1st November.   PE and Shaun O’Keefe are organising this for the 80 mile distance race. The event takes part on Saturday 4th April and then on Sunday the pro event will be take place. PE asked if anyone is interested they need to book their place on the race first and then let PE know in order to arrange transport and accommodation.

Membership Fees

PE advised that these will probably stay the same for next year but this will be discussed at the next committee meeting in December.



PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

17th November 2014.