Wrecsam Tri Club 2015 AGM - 15th November 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Kate Ellis, Pete Ellis, Peter Norman, Kim Norman, Claire Ballamy, Steve Smith, Dee Smith, Chris Smith, Iestyn O’Neill, Debbie O’Neill, Colin Hunt, Max Williams, Derrick Batty, Ian Houston, Mitch, Andy Campbell, Lisa Morley, Joe Dodd, Lance Ball, Tony Sinnett, Ian Houston, Kevin Evans


Apologies for Absence:

Ian Laing, Steve Nicholls, Shaun O’Keefe, Rich Hayes

Item No.




PE - Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE – Role of Honour


PE had collated a presentation with help from Chris Smith and Ian Houston, highlighting some of the outstanding achievements of club members in the last year. These included:

Trans Andes - Kim Norman
Chirk Tri
Mold Tri
- Pete, Joe, Barry (400m of bike)
London Marathon - Rob Jones 4:27
Volcano Tri - Pete Norman
Ruthin - Mitch
Chester Half - James, Alan, Rich, Nadine, Bruce, Tom, Chris, Rob
Great North Swim - Bruce
Bala Middle
Chester - Tim, Allon, Pete, Mitch, Batty, Max, Steve Nicholls, Ed Paxton, Colin, Joe, Ian, Phil, Michael Norris, Rob, Richard Bennion,
Abersoch - Andy Campbell 5th, Lisa, Courtney Gates
Tandem - Normans, Ellis's, Campbell/Morley


Wendsleydale - Dibber
Llandudno - Max, Gavin, Sarah

Geneva European Champs – Tim, Colin
Diva - Debbie
Chicago World Champs - Tim


Ironman Mallorca – Paula Tunnadine 15.19

Ironman Bolton – Keith Billington 12.04

Ironman Wales - Bill 13.13 , Beth 13.07, Nadine 15.57 and Dave ReesHughes 14.31

Ironman Mallorca – JonB 11.26, Ollie 11.53, Sarah 13.14
Kona - Shaun Okeefe 12.50

Long Course

Outlaw - Jamie Brown 11.13 and James Pierce 12.06
Challenge Weymouth - Michael Norris 14.55

Half Ironman

Outlaw Half - Keith Billington 5.03 (8th AG)
Stafford - Richard Hayes 5.43, Nadine 6.25, Karen Evans 6.58
Old Man of Coniston - Bupa and Dibber
ADIL - Ollie, Bupa, Jon B, Shaun

Cholmondley – Glenn Williams 5.53, Barry Loder 5.59, Jamie Brown 5.33, Steve Nicholls 5.34.

Also team away events such as the Tour de Flanders.



GW – Accounts for 2015


We opened with a balance of £????? GW to confirm

GW ran through the accounts

The closing balance is £16,515

PE confirmed that club membership fees would remain the same for 2016 for full member £12.50.

PE advised that Welsh Athletics (senior) fee is due to go up and that we would advise once onfirmed.



PE – Committee member posts up for re-election


PE thanked the committee members that were stepping down. Iori Jones as Chairman, Jon B Williams as Captain.   PE advised that he would be stepping down as Secretary but would be happy to take over the Chairman post.

All voted for the new posts and the majority voted in the below:

Chairman – Pete Ellis

Secretary – Kim Norman

Captain – Claire Ballamy

Gill Wood was happy to remain as Treasurer and PE asked if anyone interested to take this over from Gill in the future could shadow her. PE also asked for any volunteers to assist with the media/publicity and anyone interested to contact him directly. PE advised of a new role of Welfare Officer and that Ian Laing had but his name forward for. All voted for Ian to take up this position.



2016 Club Events


Chirk Race 2016

KN advised that it has been difficult to get new people involved in the main activities of the organisation, which start 12 months in advance of the race. The organiser’s role is very time consuming and she has been wanted to step away for a couple of years. No one in the club has come forward to shadow her to take this position over.

Over the past two years Nifty Event Services Limited (NES) has supported the Chirk event with its timing chip, online entry, and results services. The company has a wealth of experience in organising triathlon events with Chester Triathlon being one of their largest. Set up by Dan Craigen, NES has developed a reputation of delivering high quality events some of which in recent years been recognised by British Triathlon Federation by awarding their Chester event GB qualification status.


It is this knowledge and expertise that the Chirk Organisation Committee would like to utilise more over the next few years.

It has therefore been decided that NES will become the Race Organiser with Wrecsam Tri Club remaining responsible for the ‘on the day’ operations for future Chirk events and the club would pay him for his services.

PE thanked KN and her team for all their hard work in putting this race on and for they continued support to Dan for the 2016 race.


JH advised that the Bala events had grown over the years to the large events they are today.

JH advised that the Bala fatality highlighted the risk we are facing; had we been at fault there could have been huge repercussions for the organisation team and the club.

WatsOn Events was suggested as the best match to partner WTC by the Gwynedd Events Commission, as unlike most of the other organisations they have similar ethics - raising money for charity (over £20,000 on Race the Train this year).

Gwynedd Events Commission who supports the Bala Triathlons wanted a Gwynedd company involved and has committed to continue future support with WatsOn Events at the helm.

WatsOn Events want to continue the relationship with the club and have agreed roles and responsibilities with the existing organisation team, all of whom have agreed to continue their roles for the next couple of years, subject to the races continuing to run in much the same way as they do now with donations to charity continued.

Our vision is that from first entering the race through to arriving at registration, competing and finishing the athletes would see little change from previous years and be unaware that responsibility for organisation had changed. They would see it as a Wrecsam Tri Club race. JH confirmed that Watson Events has purchased these races for £5,000. With the agreement of Wrecsam Tri Club continue to support the events we would receive £1 per entry. Watson Events would take all the risk, which would remove this risk from committee members.

Max Williams asked how long the arrangements were in place for. PE advised that Terms of References had been written and agreed. KN advised that Chirk would be able to be run again by the club if a volunteer came forward to take over from Dan. JH confirmed that the Bala races would remain with Watson Events.



PE – CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club)

PE advised that the committee wants the club to apply for CASC registration.   This was introduced by the HMRC, which allows clubs to operate as a limited company within a revenue threshold.   This gives the club the protection in order to continue with running the Chirk event and still raise money for charity.

JH advised that early in 2015 GB Sport arranged for a course at Colwyn Bay entitled ‘Preparing you club for a Tax Assessment’ and invited representative from all types of amateur sports clubs. Julian and Gill attended along with representatives from around 80 other sports clubs. It basically highlighted all the major known pitfalls, which clubs were usually totally unaware of but could cause issues in the event of a future assessment. It was made clear that the government had worked with Sports governing bodies to ensure there was a pathway for clubs to follow in order for them to be able to continue to develop, and reduce the risk of finding they had tax liabilities.

Running galas, shows, competitions, races etc. where revenue exceeded certain criteria was a major area for concern.

Other areas include sponsorship and grant funding but the list goes on

The MAIN options suggested for protecting the club and individuals were forming a Limited Company or registering for CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club).

The committee agreed they did not want to follow the line of becoming a ‘For profit organisation’ and setting up a limited company, but would investigate CASC as the way forward for the future.

Steve Smith asked all attendees if they are happy for the committee to progress this and apply for CASC registration. All agreed.

PE thanked KN and Julian/Gill for their hard work on the events over the years.



PE – Club Media / Publicity


PE asked whether newsletter is working for everyone and whether members are happy to communicate via Facebook.

D Batty asked whether the club website would be continue to be updated as this has not been updated for a while. All agreed that this was still needed and as the first point of call for club members and any new members. PE agreed to add this to the agenda for the next committee meeting.

There was then a discussion around Facebook. All agreed that everyone should be respectful when using this. PE also advised that there were two Facebook pages and agreed to look into the removal of the one that is no longer being used.




PE – Club Strategy

PE asked members to think about what they want from their membership. He also discussed the sustainability of the club and the importance of the continued impact to the local community.

PE advised that the committee were reviewing the constitution and also in light of CASC registration and this would be circulated to all members for consultation.



PE – Club Kit

PE advised that the club had secured a new supplier ‘Rosa sport’ which is part of ‘Pella’. This was a company that Shaun O’Keefe had started discussions with. PE advised that he had opened up the dialogue again.   The committee have agreed to a kit range and a 2 x window per year for kit orders. One for Spring/Summer kit and one for Autumn/Winter kit.   PE ran through the agreed kit ranges and advised that Pella had supplied examples of kit for todays meeting in order for members to try on and to see what sizes best suit them. PE advised that this would be an online facility to make individual orders and then payment directly to the kit supplier. PE will provide guidelines to members on how to order the kit.

All agreed to keep the Wrecsam Tri design the same.



PE – Social Activities 2015/2016


12 days of Christmas – starts on 12th Dec with the club Christmas Party being held at Holt Lodge, which is a Take That Tribute Night.

Claire Ballamy is putting together a list of other events for Christmas and invites club members with any ideas or volunteers to run an event over the Christmas period to let Claire know.



PE – Virgin London Marathon 2016

PE advised that through our affiliation with the Welsh Athletics we have been granted 1 place for the Marathon.

To be able to eligible for this club members have to be a member of Welsh Athletics and provide confirmation that they have already entered and been declined.

Nadine Pilkington and Lance Ball had put their names forward. Lance then generously agreed to step down from this and offer to Nadine. All voted to give Nadine the place. PE to advise Nadine and process online.




Shaun O’Keefe has advised PE that the Llandegla Duathlon event would not be organised by the Centre. SOK was happy to arrange this and asked if anyone interested in assisting to let him know.

CS advised that there was coaching grant in place and if anyone interested in gaining coaching or first aid training etc to advise the committee.

KN asked what the plans were for the money in the club account. PE advised that this would need to be considered carefully due to the fact that we would not have the continued income from the Bala races. There may be an opportunity to purchase equipment such as bike boxes and hire out for a small charge. Other ideas are if someone is willing to arrange a social event around a race the club can look to give them a financial payment. PE asked everyone to think of ideas on how to spend some of the money and let him know.

JH advised that Welsh Triathlon had been approached about setting up a junior club and they are going to be discussing this with the Council. All agreed that it was a good idea to support children but we did not have the infrastructure in place within the club to take this on.


PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

15th November 2015.