Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 26th November 2017


Pete Ellis, Kate Ellis, Chris Smith, , Kim Norman, Pete Norman, Chris Smith, Steve Smith, Dee Smith, Lance Ball, Hermione Ball, Rob Pullen, Bill Crawshaw, Thomas Brown, Rob Jones, Sarah Ryder, Jude Lovell, Ian Houston, Max Williams, Colin Hunt.


Apologies for Absence:

Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Claire Ballamy, Aline Briffa, Chris Briffa, Derek Batty







PE welcomed everyone to the meeting & gave apologies from non- attendees

Committee members present took a few minutes to explain their roles & responsibilities.




PE presented summary of club financial account.

PE advised that closing account was £22,909.38

SR asked whether ‘what was in the bank’, was correct to what was reflected on account summary table circulated at AGM. PE assured all present that account had been closed pre AGM and was not subject to further adjustment.

PE advised that the ‘community chest’ grant issued to the club in 2016 had not been completely spent and was subject to reclaim by Wrescam Sports Council. PE advised that the club had not received a request to return surplus funds but the club had previsioned for potential loss in 2017 accounts. SR asked why they hadn’t been spent. PE advised that individuals who the committee had agreed to direct funds toward had personal circumstances arise that prevented them from attending scheduled courses i.e. home & work commitments.

PE advised that Club kit purchased in 2017 was a significant outgoing at £3628.58.PE advised that in the past the revenue from Chirk and Bala (Watson Events) events has helped support the general running of club. PE advised that the clubs outgoings for 2017 were greater than income from club memberships and kit sales.

IH asked whether Bala Standard would be going ahead in 2018. PE advised that the Welsh Triathlon Federation were in discussions with Bala community to establish whether sufficient funds and physical resources were available to host the standard event. At time of meeting Watson Events had no plans to hold Bala 2018 races.



Club Constitution

PE explained the importance & relevance of the club constitution and the recent changes made to update it under the BTF affiliation rules. The constitution governs how the club is run and the recent updates require the club committee to sign off on. The new constitution will be available to view on the club website.

MW thanked PE for his efforts on this matter.



Club membership & Affiliation

Membership fees remains at is £12.50 at present with 80 members down from 105 a year ago. The Welsh Athletics membership is £17.50

The club are moving forward on the provision of online membership with ‘Nifty Entries’ for 2018, this may incur an increase in fee due to administration costs. This cost could be absorbed by the club, a decision is yet to be made.

LB enquired about youth membership of which PE explained costs also remain at £7.50



Members survey – Club development Plan

The intention is to survey members every 2 years to help the club progress. The recent 2017 survey was well responded, details of survey are available through links on website.

The Development Plan is a document that captures and prioritises initiatives that came from the survey. PE briefly explained the structure e.g. sections on cycling, running, swimming etc. The plan will be published on the club website December 2017

PE asked all whether any members had comments regarding the contents of the revision made to the Clubs Constitution. There were no comments. PE asked all attendees to vote (via raise of hand) to endorse revision. All voted ‘Yes’. Action: PE and KN to sign and publish on club website and BTF website.




PE thanked all WTC coaches for their contributions throughout the last 12 months. Mention was also made to those who support the coaches such as Roger Lines, Tom Brown and the Wednesday track team.

PE asked attendees on their thoughts of non-members attending club sessions in particular those that the club had invested time and resources to set up. A number of individuals objected to but some did indicated their attendance was an opportunity that currently being missed i.e. members and coaches not encouraging non-members to become members.

RP raised the issue of liability insurance regarding non-members taking part at their own risk as they won’t be covered by the club insurance. PE advised that the swim sessions were covered by the fact the session was actually hosted by the leisure centre and; that coaches were covered by holding required coaching credentials and BTF.

PE went on to say, that the run sessions were covered in the same way as swim sessions (Chris Smith as coach and the supporting facilities at Queensway track).

PE requested the committee to undertake a review of the club’s legal obligations & liabilities at coached sessions especially when considering introducing cycling sessions. PE advised that the statutory legalisation for provision of first aiders has recently been updated. All agreed that this should be incorporated into the review of clubs legal responsibilities toward protecting the health and safety of its members during training sessions

Discussion around the idea of ‘taster sessions’ aimed at non-members with an understanding that they have a number of sessions before they are expected to become members to continue to benefit from the coaching. The point was made that the membership fee of £12.50 is equivalent of 35p per week to receive coaching! Membership cards were also proposed. PE advised that administration resources will be required to introduce cards and thereafter sustain process.

Action on committee to look at non members using coached sessions. KN to add to agenda on next committee meeting.





Club Media

MW has now been Newsbite author for 4 months. PE thanked MW for his efforts to date. MW and IH have admin rights to WTC Facebook page and will be responsible for removing inappropriate content if required.

MW requested ideas & content from members to make sure Newsbite is fresh.



Recognition to those stepping down from committee

PE advised all that in nearly 25 years the WTC AGM was not being attended by founding member and long servicing committee member Julian Hunter & Gill Wood.

Both have dedicated so much of their time towards organising events, managing club operations and generally encouraging people to experience the sport of triathlon.

Their effort and determination towards ensuring the reputation of the club and the success of its events has never wavered. Most of their contribution has not been visible, as they have been working hard in the background.

Over the years they have themselves developed a wealth of experience. This experience has been shared across the club in particular with past and present committee members. This has helped the committee maintain continuity throughout periods of change.

The club recognises that their decision to step away from the club must not have been easy one to make.

The club thanked them both for their services to the club and wished them both the best of luck for the future.

A gesture of appreciation from the club will be approved at the next committee and officially handed to them prior to Christmas 2017.

CS thanked PE for role as Chairman and 17 years on the committee. The club has changed significantly in the last two years and PE has ensured changes were made as necessary to keep the club fit for purpose and enable it to plan for the future. Recognition also to Kate Ellis for her role as membership secretary, Aline Briffa as social member representative and Claire Ballamy as Club Captain and the brain child of the Captain’s Fund.



Club Kit

New 2017 purchased kit is currently held by PE but ideally needs to come closer to Wrexham. Action required to find a new kit manager.

PE agreed to make the kit list visible and advised all that photos of all kit can be found on the clubs Facebook page

SS agreed to take samples to swim sessions to promote sales





Election of officers

New committee members were nominated and voted in as follows:

Chairman Peter Norman

Treasurer Sarah Ryder

Membership Secretary Jude Lovell

Club Captain Thomas Brown

Publicity Max Williams

Handovers will be facilitated by the previous role holders to ensure the new committee have everything they need to take up post.

PE thanked all new committee members & wished them well.




Chirk Tri. SR queried race entry fee & lack of member’s incentive re entry and in exchange for marshalling. KN explained Chirk was run by a committee of club volunteers plus the engagement of Dan Craigen as the event organiser. Entry fees were fixed at £40 for 2 years. Comparison with other local sprint races is carried out as a sense check. The decision was made by the race committee to give all race proceeds to club (after fees & expenses) in 2016, marshals were no longer offered expenses, rather everything went to the club to benefit the club & members as a whole. NB the club account is unsustainable on membership alone. There are many difficulties around offering club members benefits when other volunteers are non club members. However, it is still something that can be discussed as Chirk race committee & WTC committee & Dan Craigen going forward.

Tri club or other. BC would like to see more tri specific advertising on FB & Newsbite, suggesting coaching on other elements of tri such as brick & transition sessions. PE commented that the Border League, Cross country & fell races are all out of season activities that support tri training in winter months. PE welcomed suggestions for sessions and encouraged discussion among coaches.

Club League. SR proposed a list of triathlons nominated early season for members to collect points towards a final year end league table & winner. Discussions continued around this theme, TB suggesting that any race could potentially be counted towards a league table with position in age category being weighted accordingly. Committee to take these suggestions forward.

Christmas Party KN to put out details of a New Year dinner along the lines of dinner & awards in Ramada hotel . Invited others to arrange Christmas social drinks via FB .

12 days of Christmas KN asked members to come forward with ideas. TB confirmed 18th Dec for social bike ride with lunch stop. Buddy run with Chester Tri on 1st Jan. Discussions around team relay event, Christmas track session, Silly swim night & Moel famau handicap. MW to create 12 DoX calendar on FB


Coach team






London Marathon

PE explained the criteria regarding eligibility for club place; current member, AAW member, proof of refusal from London marathon.

Names of those who made themselves known included Sarah Ryder, Jude Lovell, James Pierce & Kyle Williams

Congratulations to Jude Lovell who won the raffle.


Close of meeting

PE closed meeting & thanked all for attendance.


Minutes compiled by;

Kim Norman