Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 20th November 2016


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Chris Smith, , Kim Norman, Pete Norman, Claire Ballamy, Chris Smith, Aline Briffa, Chris Briffa, Joe Dodd, Steve Smith, Dee Smith, Kate Ellis, Tony Sinnett, Max Williams, Ian, Colin Hunt, Barry Loder, Derek Batty, Ian Houston


Apologies for Absence:

Andy Campbell, Lisa Morley, Ian Laing, Elaine Laing, Rich Hayes, Jon B, Helen Bainbridge, Lance Ball.


Item No.





PE welcomed everyone to the meeting & gave apologies from non- attendees




Gill Wood presented summary of club financial account.

GW advised that community grants need to be spent before time limits run out (Wrecsam community chest).

GW advised that closing account was £20,029.02.

JH advised that club outgoings aren’t covered by income from club memberships.

JH advised that revenue from Chirk and Bala events help support the general running of club.

PE advised that long term the club needs to think on how it can generate revenue when income from Bala events ceases. JH advised that the club still needs to make a decision upon whether it will register to CASC (Community Amateur Sports Clubs).



Club membership & Affiliation

PE advised that the club reinvests in members through its affiliations to groups i.e.

Membership fee is £12.50 at present with 83 members down from 105 a year ago. There are more local tri clubs to choose from now e.g. Cadence & Gog.

Suggestion that WTC could liaise with Cadence tri club re a joint club partnership supporting adults and children.Question posed ‘What are members getting back from their membership to WTC’

JH proposed a Development Plan for the club so members know what they are getting, 5 years look ahead.

SS & CB propose that club membership fees remain the same in 2017. All agree.



Committee Members

PE advised that the club constitution would require a review and update over the next 12 months. PE has produced a draft which will be shared with the committee and members in due course. PE suggested the cyclical period in which committee members hold posts should be carefully reviewed. PE advised his concern over the ability of some people being able to commit their time of current 3-year term.

CB proposed Max Williams for media role – accepted by all. PE to advise MW with guidance.

Derek Batty suggested the creation of a social committee with responsibility for fun based activities. E.g. Communication via emails so no commitment to attend meetings if not able to do so. PE asked KN to add to agenda of next committee meeting.



Club Kit

PE covering club kit role. Committed to Pella sports for next order. There is a need to order summer kit before Christmas plus an outstanding back order from May 2016 which money has been taken. PE advised that January news bite would be specifically on club kit. MW suggested that an order window is fixed.

PE advised that kit design would remain the same for at least the next 12 months (no re-branding).

PE advised that the club would have to subsidise the individual orders if threshold of order volumes has not been achieved. JH advised that the club must ‘where possible’ minimise bulk stock ordering as in the past it has created a risk toward retention of stock thus leading to it having to be written off. PE advised that the club would mitigate this risk by only procuring a selection of apparels.

All agreed that individual on-line orders are best. PE advised that the committee had already provisionally agreed to bulk order gym T-shirts as to make up the order. Some discussion that £25 per T-shirts is too much & they won’t sell.

Max Williams proposes to push Pella to keep order window open longer – PE to action.

Steve Smith supports committee’s decision to order other items to reach threshold for order.



Bala Race

JH explains that Bala Middle entries for 2016 event were down on last year. JH advised that for 2017, numbers were up for 2017 event.

JH advised that Bala Middle has been awarded Welsh Championship status for 2017.

JH advised that Bala Standard has been awarded European Qualifying race for 2017.

CB advised that Chester Middle/Standard event is on same day as Bala Middle (4th June 2017).

JH advised that WTC entries were low

Steve Smith notes it remains a good quality race & that’s George’s staff were good on the day.

Max Williams asked for clarity regarding Whats-on-Events & the WTC legacy/reputation. JH advised that Whats-on-Events are supported by a core team from WTC and by the Round Table of Bala community.

DB raised a concern that due to the Bala events no longer being WTC run events, that over time, members will not be so forthcoming to support event.

Ian Houston & Steve Smith advised that on the day it looks like a WTC event.

Action to ask George to mention the WTC more in the adverts regarding promotion & recognition.

Question asked whether Bala races need to be on the WTC agenda any longer as the responsibility for the race is now offloaded onto George. PE agreed to discuss matter during next committee meeting.




Chirk Sprint Race

KN presented a summary of race 2016, thanks to organising committee along with Dan Craigen as paid organiser fully responsibly for event.

New for 2016 was that no marshals/helpers got expenses covered or hourly rates, race committee agreed that all proceeds should go to club after fees & charity donations as the club should benefit from the race & the club needs the money.

Aline Briffa questioned why we paid a race organiser to run Chirk, answer there would be no Chirk race or club benefit without a paid race organiser as the H&S liabilities are too great on the race committee volunteers. AB suggested that Dan Craigen should pay WTC rather than visa versa.

JH explained that as an organiser there would be. a tax liability

PE reiterated that the safety liability is with Dan Craigen, Steve Smith agreed that accountability for H&S is everything.

CB explained that without Dan Craigen in place Chirk would have closed as no other WTC members were coming forward to help at race committee level. Dan has improved the race making it more professional, more profitable, more entries & more efficient.

WTC entries are still high & the committee want to recognise the help from WTC by reinvesting in its marshals going forward.

Derrick Batty asked what the feedback was from the club marshals.

Max Williams asks why Chirk is so good, can a survey be included in 2017 Action.



Club Media

PE summaries News bite as a 76% read in Mail chimp. Used to advise on club specific activities only.

Facebook will continue to be populated by members, 600 at time of meeting.

Suggestion that FB could introduce articles on training, links etc.

Noted that club AGM was not promoted on club website

Max & Steve Smith propose & second a new media post is needed for social media.



Club Constitution

Required as per affiliation with BTF. Has been out of date. PE has been updating document, which now needs to be consulted on with all members, propose an invitation via News bite.

Chester Tri has a new constitution it would be worth looking at for comparison.

Agree that all members need access to constitution.

Suggestion to ask Tim Burnett & Ed Paxton to advise club.




Club Socials

Events to be promoted via a 2017 calendar through FB & News bite

E.g. Alp D’Huez, Day in the Lakes, Buddy Run

Captains Fund mentioned £50 available towards social activities.

12 days of Christmas to be published via News bite & FB.




Bank account at £20K, what do we do with it? JH proposal of a Development Plan to be taken to committee



London Marathon

Keith Billington withdrew

Joe Dodd declined

Nadine declined

Entry goes to Helen Bainbridge



Christmas Party/ Annual awards

Something to be arranged in New Year along the lines of dinner & awards in hotel or pub.



Joe Dodd mentioned support for Glyn Ceiriog canter fell race as they need marshals usually 30th Sept. Contact Gareth & Sally Greenwood on 07792465822



Ian Houston asked about Welsh Athletics member emails, as he was not getting any. KN to investigate.



Close of meeting

PE closed meeting & thanked all for attendance.


Minutes compiled by;

Kim Norman