Wrecsam Tri Club 2013 AGM

15th February 2014



Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Jon B Williams, Julian Hunter, Kate Ellis, Pete Ellis, Kenny Hughes, Peter Norman, Kim Norman, Claire Ballamy, Steve Smith, Chris Smith, Ian Laing, Aline Briffa, Chris Briffa, Rob Jones, Shaun O’Keefe, Andy Campbell, Ian Houston, Brian Forster


Apologies for Absence:


Derek Boothby, Tony Sinnett, Dave Savage, Gerry Billington, Shane Hughes, Jo Dodd, Iestyn O’Neill, Debbie O’Neill , Tim Burnett

Item No.




PE - Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for submitting items for ‘Any Other Business’. He also thanked Jon, Julian, Kim and Gill for their contributions to the presentation.



PE - Minutes from the last years AGM

PE advised that there were no actions from this meeting and asked for approval of the minutes. All approved.



JW – Role of Honour


JW had collated a presentation highlighting some of the outstanding achievements of club members in the last year. These included, Trans Andes Challenge, Long Distance, Club, Wrexham 10k, British Championships in Liverpool, Cross Tri Holland and The Europeans in Turkey, Helvellyn and Bala.



PE – Committee Member Posts for re-election


Iori Jones has advised that he would be resigning from the post of Chairman this year. Tim Burnett has also advised that he would be resigning from the post of Membership Secretary this year. PE advised that both of these posts were up for re-election.

Kate Ellis was elected as Membership Secretary.

There were no nominations for Chairman so the committee agreed to discuss this as the next committee meeting. It was agreed that Iori would remain on the committee when a new Chairman was appointed.

PE thanked Emma Tilston for her work on the Newsletter and Tim Burnett for his support over the past 4 years as membership secretary.



GW – Accounts for 2013


We opened with a balance of £6587.15.

Payments out are for Welsh Athletics £780, the website, teas & coffees for the last meeting, Tri kit. £27.50 was raised for the holiday donation.

The closing balance is £9078.68.



PE – Membership Price


PE advised that there was a proposal to include the next year’s membership cost as a fixed agenda item for all future AGM’s. This was included and 2015 prices discussed. A price increase from £12.50 to £15 for 2015 was rejected. There was then a discussion around this and it was voted to keep the price at £12.50 .



PE – Club Media / Publicity


PE advised that he thought we were weak in engaging with the press regarding successes of the club. The infrequency of emails and newsletters was also discussed. It was agreed that there needed to be more structure in place.

PE asked if anyone would be willing to take on the newsletter going forward.   There were no volunteers so it was agreed for the committee to take this away and discuss at the next committee meeting.

PE asked KN whether she could find out who from Chester Tri on how the role to supply news to the local press is undertaken.

PE asked if ‘Facebook’ posts was the members preference to being kept up to speed with club news.

All agreed that the forum is the favoured communication channel as this is used more frequently for training, races, social events and successes.

PE advised that all minutes of the AGM / Committee meetings would be uploaded onto the website.






JH/KM - Club Events


Bala and Chirk Races 2013

JH gave on overview of the 2013 Bala and Chirk races. The races were successful but the 2012 races had made a loss (mainly Bala Middle) which we carried forward into the 2013 account. .   The cause was the 2012 numbers were down at Bala Middle which we thought was due to the bad weather in June 2011.

The 2013 races fared much better and even with the 2012 loss carried forward the 2013 races moved back into profit.

Bala has received a grant for £1200.

Chirk has received sponsorship from Alf Jones.

The sponsorship from 9Bar.

Thanks go to all the helpers of the races.

In summary we provided 3 super races with positive feedback and made profit and provided donations to various charities. From 2011-2013 the club has donated £23,478.77 to various charities – details provided at the AGM

Bala and Chirk Races 2014

Chirk has again received sponsorship from Alf Jones.

The sponsorship from 9Bar is secured 9Bar appear on this year’s buffs and towels.

The Chirk Race filled up in 80 minutes.

Bala entries are up on last year.

Bala Standard has secured the European Championships.

Challenges for 2014

- Retain sponsors

- Encourage more helpers

- Aim for environmentally friendly events

- Retain/grow charitable contributions

- Succeed against growing competiton

- Secure the future of Bala races and charity swims

JH advised that he has already communicated to the committee that he will be standing down from the running of the Bala events. Iestyn and Debbie O’Neill have agreed to take over the running of these races provided they get support from the existing Bala team (they have 100% commitment from the team). They are both Welsh speaking and Debbie has run a business in the area. As Iestyn currently has college commitments JH has agreed to help with the 2015 races. Iestyn would like to get together with the Bala race team to discuss further, JH to arrange.

K Hughes advised that we would need to purchase a new gazebo for this year ‘Due to the fact he has broken it twice J’. PE to investigate replacement. KN to advise size of the existing banners to be re-used on the new gazebo.





PE – Committee Meetings


PE advised that the dates are now in the diary for the committee meetings and will be communicated on the website. The AGM date will also be on the website. If any non committee members wanted items to be discussed in AOB to email these to PE before the meeting dates.



PE – Any Other Business


Club Kit

New kit is available direct from Tigerfrog. Refer to order instructions on club website and forum. There are still stock old kit items. Committee to discuss at the next meeting whether the old kit should be sold off at a reduced rate.

Velodrome Sessions

Thanks to Rich Hayes who previously arranged these sessions. Max Williams has booked a session on 4th May, if anyone interested in attending to let Max Williams or Pete Ellis know.   PE asked if there was any interest in setting up more regular sessions. Everyone agreed to try to set up more sessions as these would be easily filled.

Kids Events

Thanks to Debbie Evans for her continued support with the regional kids events. PE advised that she was happy to continue with this support throughout 2014. PE advised that the committee have agreed to support her with these events. It was discussed that more notice and events at the weekend would be easier for members to support. PE advised that he had advised Council accordingly. It was agreed that the events would be run by the Council with support from Wrecsam Tri. PE to contact Debbie to update her.

Club Social Events

PE advised that club members should continue to post / promote social, training and race events on the forum.

Everyone wanted to thank Derrick & Estelle Batty for organising / hosting the Hash on New Year’s Day.

Club Running Vests

Shaun O’Keefe has raised whether we could produce new running vests to match the rest of the new kit. JH advised that Welsh Athletics will have not previously allowed sponsorship logos on the vests. GW advised that there was £550 of the existing running vests still in stock.   It was voted to continue with the existing vests.


Club Welfare Officer

PE advised that we have been asked to elect a Club Welfare Officer and this has to be in place for this year. Claire Ballamy advised that she is happy to pick up this role and Ian Laing also expressed an interest in supporting Claire with the undertaking of this role. PE to share the information with Claire/Ian and to discuss the possibility of potential courses.






PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

19th February 2014.