Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 1st December 2014


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Jon B Williams, Pete Ellis, Kenny Hughes, Kim Norman, Chris Smith


Apologies for Absence:

Shaun O’Keefe, Claire Ballamy, Aline Briffa, Kate Ellis

Item No.




PE - Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting and reviewed apologies.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited committee to comment on previous minutes. No amendments identified. PE ran through action log.

PE advised that application form for community chest grant was almost complete. PE requested club account details to finish. Form posted 7th December 2014.



KN – Club events 2015 – Planning (Chirk)


KN advised that Chirk entries sold out in 13 minutes. Committee considering increasing total entry field.

KN reminded everyone of the loss of Alf Jones event sponsor of race numbers and the increase support from TriClaire (Swim caps and race numbers). KN advised that she will write a letter to Alf’s to say thank you for support over past years.

KN advised the committee that the issue over not having access to the Julians trailer over race weekend was starting to become a concern to the organisation team.

KN advised that Lynne Evans continues to support the organisation team with communication. Committee acknowledged her continued effort in supporting the Chirk team and other recent needs from the committee.

JH – Club events 2015 – Planning (Bala)


JH advised that entries for both events continue to trickle in with the ‘Middle’ up to 160 being registered.

JH advised that Iestyn O’Neill does not have the time to take on more responsibility in organising Bala events but still would like to actively support where best suited. JH advised that Iestyn he was to continue in his role as organising event raffles and evening meal.

JH advised that he; Iori Jones and Iestyn O’Neill had attended a course recently on ‘The What’s & How’s to organise events in a community’. JH commented that the content was similar to previous courses he’d been on but one matter did stand out. JH advised committee that where event organisers plan to use a Public Address (PA) systems to play music in between race briefings that a specific license had to be obtained. JH asked KN to consider in future especially when risk of complaint from local residents is quite high.

CS – Club events 2015 – Planning (Mold Border League)


CS advised that thanks to KH that sports centre was know booked and next steps were to finalise route and undertake risk assessment. KH and IJ support CS.

Regarding event safety plans, CS advised that he had received a quotation from St John’s Ambulance (SJA). Quote totalled £400. CS advised committee that he is able to source from other accredited first aid service providers. PE suggested to CS that he investigates opportunity but to consider and assure himself that alternates are accredited organisations and are able to provide the same or if not better service than SJA. JH advised CS on typical costs from SJA when supporting Bale events (Doctor; £400 a day).

JBW advised CS that he would assist with planning marshal points around assessed course.

CS confirmed that race would be held on Sunday 22nd March.




PE – Feedback from AGM


PE invited committee to comment on how they felt the AGM went. GW feedback that some individuals sitting at the back of the room were unable to hear due to background noise from café. JBW asked whether the attendance from previous years was higher. KH advised that it was about the same. On a whole everyone felt it went well.



JH – 9Bar Sponsorship


JH advised that he has been in contact with sponsor over future support. JH confirmed that financial support for next year is likely to remain the same as this year. In addition, the option to incorporate additional product promotions via social media and during events will be retained. JH confirmed that a contract paper / letter of understanding would be put in place detailing sponsor and beneficiary commitments.


JH asked KN to let him know of total number of bars required for Chirk. KH suggested applying a (1x1 calculation; 1 x competitor x 1 x spectator = 2 bars)

KN asked how in the future the Chirk team would be credited sponsor financial contribution. JH confirmed that it would be the same as last year.

JH advised that Bala organisation team would be offering 9Bar athlete’s free entry to 2015 events. JH asked KN to consider mutual gesture. KN asked how many places should be offered. JH advised that he wouldn’t think that it would be more than 2. KN to discuss with Chirk team.



PE – Club Training Sessions


PE invited members to comment on attendance to club training sessions.

CS advised that track sessions consistently have 10 plus. JBW advised that Gwesylt was around an average of 30.




PE – Club kit


PE advised that he had met with SOK prior to meeting to discuss kit supply issue.

PE advised that since AGM SOK has tried to engage with existing supplier ‘Tiger frog’ over concerns regarding poor supply and communication. PE advised that SOK has exhausted all options possible to resolve issues with Tiger frog. JH advised that supplier might have gone into administration.

PE requested the committee to support a decision to seek an alternative supplier.

Committee agreed supported / approved decision.

PE advised that SOK had taken criticism to the ‘PELLA’ kit samples personally. PE advised that SOK’s always had the club member’s interests at heart: providing value for money and supplying kit that promoted the club.

PE advised that samples presented at AGM had generated a considerable amount of feedback. PE requested the committee to consider whether the existing kit design needed to change. PE reminded committee that this was not the first time the club has had to make such decisions.

JH advised that change presented on samples was to big a change. PE advised that SOK had already requested artwork from supplier with an alternative ‘slightly’ different from existing design. Several committee members commented that when comparing the existing and proposed designs that they still preferred the existing design.

JH suggested that the club had gained a lot of experience over the years in procuring kit. He felt that the committee should consider creating Service Level Agreement (SLA) that details the club required / lessons learnt over the years. PE advised that SLA would be used as guidance by club kit manager towards securing a new kit supplier. PE suggested that committee should create and offer to SOK immediately.

PE agreed with this proposal and offered to draft document with JH by next meeting.

JH suggested that any changes should be ‘subtle’ ones so as club identity is retained. PE proposed that he would ask SOK to request a design similar to existing but with the incorporation of ‘subtle’ changes. PE requested the committee to support a decision on proposed idea. Committee approved proposal.



PE – Any Other Business

Membership Fees

JH advised that membership will stay the same for next year. KE to communicate to members of decision and when membership is next due.

Company gesture - bikmoplus.com

KN advised that a company in Chester called ‘Bikmoplus’ who specialize in insurance for triathletes were keen to get clubs signed up onto products. Exclusive discount offers to all members. For every member who takes out a policy the club also will receive £10 for every member that takes out a policy which then can either be given back to the club member as a voucher (this is an option club can choose and Bikmoplus would manage) or it can get paid strait into the club account.

In addition, the company offers clubs the opportunity to link with their business partners who supply them such products as lights and safety equipment. KN advised that this could give the club access to bulk buy offers from brands the company works with and can save the club money in buying event goody bag fillers or possibly save costs for members of up to 50%.



PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

8th December 2014.