Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 2nd February 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Pete Ellis, Kenny Hughes, Chris Smith, Shaun O’Keefe


Apologies for Absence:

Claire Ballamy, Aline Briffa, Kate Ellis

Item No.




PE - Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting and reviewed apologies.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited committee to comment on previous minutes. JH requested that it was made clear that transport of the scaffolding has always been done by JH (and occasionally IJ) using his own vehicle and trailers. This has always been taken for granted, however the trailer is not available for the 2015 Chirk date.



KN – Club events 2015 – Planning (Chirk)


JH advised that Chirk committee was considering increasing the number of entries to event. Whilst there was no representation from the committee present, it was to be noted that the committee felt that such decision must be based on managing potential risks.

JH commented: that the effective management of the transition area becomes challenging when entry field gets above 400. A status on preparation required at next Committee meeting

JH – Club events 2015 – Planning (Bala)


JH advised that referees for events have been agreed and that entries for both events are up compared to this time last year.

JH also advised that community event development grants have been secured for this year’s Bala events.

CS – Club events 2015 – Planning (Mold Border League)


CS advised that preparations were going well although still not secured first aid service. Quotation from St Johns Ambulance was nearly £500. CS proposed to seek alternative to which PE endorsed.

CS advised that event licence had been confirmed.

CS once again requested volunteers to support event.




JH – 9Bar Sponsorship


JH advised that there are on-going discussions with 9bar regarding change in logo and future sponsorship commitment to the club.

JH advised that it is likely 9bar will offer the same as last year.



PE – Club Training Sessions


PE invited members to comment on attendance to club training sessions.

CS advised that track sessions consistently have 12 plus.



PE – Club kit


JH advised that he had been in contact with Tigerfrog to enquire on whether they would be able to improve their customer service to the club. JH read out a very detailed and descripted email from Tigerfrog explaining there past failings and challenges when corresponding with the club.

The committee debated the contents of the letter. SOK informed the committee that he personally had lost total confidence in the supplier and that is why he had pursued to find an alternative. SOK then went onto say that Pella appeared to be a good alternative. SOK circulated kit samples similar to those circulated during the clubs AGM.

PE advised the committee that it was the committee’s responsibility to ensure that those new or existing members wanting new or replacement kit had it before the start of the race season, which is typically, is when Chirk is held.

SOK warned the club that if the committee were to go back to Tigerfrog then he would no longer be the Club Kit Manager.

PE advised that the committee needed to focus on the risks of not getting kit in time. SOK advised that he was confident the new supplier would be able to set up design and supply kit by the Chirk event.

PE went onto say that the committee should consider reducing the range of kit back to standard / common items typically purchased by club members. The majority of the committee agreed. SOK and JH debated type of kit and agreed to take an action away to pull a list together.

PE suggested that the club stayed with Tigerfrog for this season but use the time between February and September to develop a service level agreement as to use to secure an alternative supplier. In addition, PE suggested the committee should consider introducing a kit purchasing ‘window’ at the start of the year and at the end. PE advised that this would ensure bulk orders to the supplier. KH and IJ approved suggestion.

PE suggested that the committee should vote on options discussed: staying with Tigerforg or new supplier? Majority of the committee agreed that the club should give Tigerfrog another chance as it had clearly demonstrated intent to improve their service.

PE advised JH to contact Tigerfrog and discuss and agree upon a plan to inform members on how to purchase kit.




PE – Any Other Business

Swim Assessment Advise

PE advised that swim coach sessions at Chester were on offer to members at a cost of £20 per session. PE asked the committee about the possibility of club paying for the swim coaches to attend. JH advised that we should open up offer to club members. JH advised that the community chest grant submitted by PE in January could be used to finance the swim coach courses.

Community Chest Funding Grant


PE informed committee that application for £1500 had been submitted and that it was going to panel end of March. The grant has been requested to enable the club to develop more coaches in the area of triathlon and first aid.


PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

5th February 2015.