Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 16th March 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Iori Jones, Pete Ellis, Kenny Hughes, Chris Smith, Aline Briffa, Claire Ballamy, Kim Norman, Kate Ellis


Apologies for Absence:

Jon B Williams


Item No.




PE - Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited committee to comment on previous minutes. JH queried the items for the course for the swim coaches. There was then a discussion around this. PE recalled that the previous discussion on the matter were around a decision on whether the club would finance the club swim coaches. JH responded by saying it would be funded by the grant that PE had submitted to Wrexham Council. CB opined that there was no reason why the club could not fund. It was agreed to wait until we had the grant confirmed.

PE to amend minutes


Club Committee Posts (Media)


Lynne Evans has emailed PE to advise that due to her work commitments increasing she is looking to move away from the media role. She did say that she was willing to support the new person in the role. It was agreed that PE and other committee members to speak to club members at Chirk to try and drum up some support for the role.

PE also mentioned that no one has come forward after the AGM to fulfil the roles of Club Captain and Chairman. Again it was agreed to also discuss these roles with club members at Chirk. PE advised that he would send an email out to call club members before Chirk to promote the open positions on the committee and then any one interested can discuss with members of the committee at Chirk.




Club Events 2015 - Planning



KN advised that the last committee meeting was last Wednesday and there next meeting is next Wednesday. KN to provide a letter to GW for items needed from stores and when.   Current race entries confirmed at 412.  

KN advised that the swim start times could be pushed forward if there are drop outs on the day, this is to avoid gaps in the race. KN to add this to the race briefing and email being sent out to competitors that their start time could be brought forward by 15 minutes.

KN advised that the St Johns rates had gone up by £100. KN to look into the costs for Red Cross to see if this is cheaper.

Derrick Batty is looking after the marshals this year and has sorted out who is racing in the morning and in the afternoon from the club. Julia Reid has also been supporting Derrick. Simon Richardson has picked up more tasks this year and is looking at the risk assessment with Derrick Batty.

KN advised that there were two extra members on the Chirk committee this year but wanted to stress that this was the last year herself and Claire would be taking an active role and would like to see people interested in taking over shadowing them both. PE agreed to send an email to club members to see if anyone is interested in shadowing for all the races.

JH commented that the club only has around 100 members and it is always the same people helping out. It may be an option to see if any social members are able to assist with the races. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to invite club members to a committee meeting and perhaps arrange one before a club swim session.

JH commented that he felt that transition in Chirk last year was a little chaotic. There was no room for competitors to rack their bikes. CB suggested a bigger gap in the middle of race so more bikes could be moved. KN agreed to include in the competitor email to only rack their bike in the morning if their start time was in the morning and if racing in the afternoon to rack later.


JH confirmed that entries were up on last year for both races. 350 entries for the Middle distance and that this was probably due to the race being the championship.

JH confirmed that the bike route was returning to the old route so needs a risk assessment completed by the end of the month.

JH confirmed that preparations were all going well. He has had a meeting with 9bar (Michael Cheeseman and Kendra Jones) to discuss 9bar support. They advised that they are going to continue their support for the club races with product (9bars) for 2015 but would only provide a presence at selected major events (triathlons, road races, etc). 9bar confirmed that they would be in attendance at both Bala races and would be promoting these through their social media sites.

JH explained the need to understand their commitment for 2016 as soon as possible as event planning for 2016 would start shortly. They advised that they were not in a positon to commit to 2016 at this point in time.

JH advised he had ensured 9Bar have been invited to the meeting with Gwynedd CC where all GCC supported events were presentingCB advised that there has been no income gained on T-shirts.

JH advised that the Bala Standard was progressing well and and that BTF had assigned a chief referee who is coming up from London, assited by a further3 referees. He has also gained an alcohol free lager as a sponsor.

Border League

CS confirmed that he has enough marshals for the Sunday event. 2 to 3 more would be appreciated. He is emailing all volunteers to confirm details and will be briefing marshals at 10.15am. The Red Cross has all been organised. CS advised that he needed to arrange with JH to pick up the signs and stop watchers etc. JH confirmed that he would get these all out for a Friday pick up. CS advised that he would put a Facebook message out to see if he could gain any more volunteers.






Club Training Sessions


CS advised that this were all going ok and approximately 12 people are turning up.

There are three Border Leagues left.

KN asked whether we should be pushing Total Fitness for a session when it opens in April. JH advised that they had agreed in principle but details would be agreed after the opening in April when TF members would be consulted. Ideally Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are preferred days for a swim session so they don’t clash with Gwersyllt or Buckley. JH confirmed that these would be open to ALL TF members not just WTC members but not to anyone who had not joined to TF.



Club Kit – Next Steps

It was agreed that it was a priority to ensure all new members had kit available to buy from the start of the season.

CB raised a concern on the decision to order unisex stock which was not ideal for most females. The new kit has been streamlined to 10 items and all agreed that it looks good.

CB raised the point that there was a lot of old kit still in stock and needs to be sold. All agreed to look to reduce this by up to 50% in order to reduce the amount of stock and bring all to Chirk. GW agreed to review the list of stock and send to LE to promote the sale in the next newletter.

KN agreed to pick up the kit from JH’s to take to Chirk.

PE agreed to discuss with SOK on what had been set up with Pella.

IJ advised that irrespective to what has been set up with Pella, the club should still pursue an alternative supplier at the end of the race season. As per what was agreed at meeting dated 2nd February 2015.





Any Other Business

KN asked whether the club had a gazebo. JH confirmed that he has a new one in storage.   KN to add to her list for Chirk and send to JH.

KN asked whether the club had a Costco card.   JH advised that the club had a Makro card but this has specific names on it. KN took down the customer number and would give them a call. All agreed that it was important to check the prices first as Tesco may be cheaper for some items.




PE thanked everyone for attending and closed meeting.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

17th March 2015.