Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 1st June 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Pete Ellis, Aline Briffa , Kate Ellis, Kim Norman


Apologies for Absence:

Chris Smith, Claire Ballamy, Iori Jones, Kenny Hughes


Item No.




PE – Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited the committee to comment on previous minutes. Committee approved minutes.



GB Sports Workshop – Next steps

For those who were not attended the last committee meeting, JH advised that he has attended a GB Sports workshop. The workshop covered how to prepare your club for a tax assessment. All agreed to consider going through the application for ‘CASC’ Community Amateur Sports Club in the near future. PE to include as a fixed agenda item for future meetings.



Club Events 2015 – Planning



JH advised that the BTF have not fulfilled all their promises for the race which has caused a few issues, e.g.bike number, tattoos etc.

460 entrants for the race this weekend.

Numbers are a lower for the charity swim but this is probably due to the poor weather and low water temperature.

JH advised that he has been around the old single loop bike route and that there are road works, meaning that we stick with the out and back course used over the last few years.

JH confirmed that Absolute Bikes will be attending the event.

PE advised that he has some recipe books for raffle prizes signed by Chrissie Wellington.


KN reiterated that she wants to stand down from the Chirk organisation for next year but is happy to shadow someone.   No one has come forward as yet to run the event.

All agreed to speak to members to gain some interest in running Chirk and becoming a member of the committee.

KN thought it would be a good idea to communicate to members that we need more help at races and on the committee as some members may not realise that some positions on the committee need to be filled.   PE to send an email to all members detailing the various roles available and provide information on the level of commitment required.

Social Events

PE advised that some members are taking part in the Tandem Tri on 4th July. PE also mentioned that the Peoples Tri is also a good social weekend and the date is 9th August. Some members and children have previously taken part.

KN mentioned that we need to book the AGM and see if anyone is interested in organising a Christmas do.



Club Training sessions

PE advised the CS was unable to make the meeting so there was no update.



Club Kit

JH confirmed that Iestyn will be taking over the management of the club kit but will be unable to attend committee meetings due to the travelling distance. All agreed to bring the remaining kit to sell at Bala.

PE advised that going forward members should only be able to purchase kit twice a year, which would make it easier to manage.   We also need to reduce the amount of garments available to purchase and also gain payment upfront.

Iestyn to be included on all future committee agendas and minutes.




KN enquired about whether the club is involved with Kids Tri series. JH advised that Debbie Evans had previously approach the club for support in setting up a children’s section. JH advised that he is led to believe that she had recently been supporting Cadence Tri organise an event for children. The committee agreed that with such events being run during the week that most members would find it difficult to attend events.

KN advised that £70 worth of signs went missing at during Chirk event last seen in the registration hall. All agreed that financial loss should be recovered from the Chirk race account.



Date of Next Meeting

Monday 27th July at 7pm, The Griffin Pub, Gresford.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

2nd June 2015.