Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 27th July 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Pete Ellis, Aline Briffa, Kate Ellis, Kim Norman


Apologies for Absence:

Claire Ballamy, Kenny Hughes, Iori Jones, Chris Smith


Item No.




PE – Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited the committee to comment on previous minutes. Committee approved minutes.



Bala Summary

JH advised that the family of Danny Cavanagh and the BTA praised the Wrecsam Tri Club for the way it had handled the unfortunate event at Bala. He had also given some constructive feedback to the police and they are looking to change their protocol in the future when dealing with such incidents that occur in such sporting events.

JH commented that the helpers on the day packed all the equipment up as soon as the event was cancelled and everyone worked well as a team.



Future of Bala

JH advised that discussions with Always Aim High Events had not progressed since last committee meeting.

Interest from another 3rd party have been received and are being followed up by JH. Next update due end of August.

JH advised that 9bar sponsorship is reviewed each year and any potential sponsorship for 2016 is unlikely to be confirmed before the end of 2015.



Chirk future organisation

PE advised that KM and CB still want to stand down from the organisation of the event but are happy to shadow any new volunteers. PE advised that he asked around club members at Bala and no one is coming forward to take over the event.

KN advised that there is an opportunity for Dan Craigen of NiftyEntries to take on the event as Race Director and supported Wrecsam Tri Club.

Committee went onto discuss the following options:

  1. Someone to take over the organisation in the club
  2. Postpone for a year
  3. Subcontract
  4. Sell the race

KN agreed to ask the Chirk organisation committee one last time for someone to step forward to take over as race director.

All agreed to discuss the future of Chirk again in 4 weeks after the final decision on the Bala races have been made.




Club Kit

JH advised that some of the old kit had been sold to Steve Nicholls. £90 was still missing from previous sales so all agreed to write this off and the remainder of the old kit.

PE to send his club kit procurement policy to Iestyn O’Neil by next committee meeting.

PE to add Iestyn to all future committee communications.


KN asked when the AGM will be taking place.   KE advised that the date was in the diary for 14th November. KN advised that she had some ideas on a venue. PE to book a venue for the AGM.





Date of Next Meeting

Monday 14th September at 7pm, The Griffin Pub, Gresford.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

28th July 2015.