Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 14th Sept 2015


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Pete Ellis, Aline Briffa, Kate Ellis, Kim Norman,

Claire Ballamy, Chris Smith


Apologies for Absence:

Kenny Hughes, Iori Jones


Item No.




PE – Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited the committee to comment on previous minutes. Committee approved minutes.



Bala Summary

JH advised that he had had a superb reaction to the event and raised lots of money for Danny Cavanagh’s chosen charities.   Dave Rigby from the BTF made a few points on the ‘run exit’ and draught busters. BTF have confirmed that Bala has not achieved ‘Qualifier’ status for next year. JH confirmed that there were 850 entrants in total and 150 cancellations who received refunds. In summary, the event was a great success.



2016 Events


a. Bala (both)

The organisation of next year’s Bala events has yet to be agreed. Members are to be notified in due course.

b. Chirk

The organisation of next year’s Chirk event has yet to be agreed. Members are to be notified in due course.




AGM – potentially 15th Nov (dependant on venue)


a. Elections – Chairman, Secretary, Captain, Treasurer

PE advised that these roles are up for review as the current holders have been in these positions for more than 3 years and all potentially may like to step down.

b. Constitution review

PE advised that this has not been looked at for several years. All agreed should be reviewed. PE to review, update and circulate draft to committee members for feedback.

c. AAW Fees

PE advised that there is a proposal by the AAW to raise the fees to £17.50.

Committee agreed that prior to the AGM members must be notified of potential changes to the organisation of all club events (Chirk, Bala Middle & Bala Standard). PE to draft this and to send to all committee members for comment.




Social events

PE confirmed that the Christmas Night out has been booked at Holt Lodge on 12th Dec and currently there are 35 attendees.   There may be more spaces available.   He is going to approach Holt Lodge to see if funds could be raised for the club’s chosen charities. CB advised that she is currently raising money for Nightingale House and MacMillian and would appreciate it if they could be included.

CS mentioned a future club ‘social’ event could be ‘A Day at the Lakes’. Include in newsletter / FB




JH raised a concern over the widespread radius of the Border League extending to Wilmslow. This is now a bigger event with more people and a larger distance.   CS has raised his concerns and is awaiting a response.

CS advised that he is out of club vests for these events. JH agreed to make the order through Ron Hill which will be the old style running vest – all agreed to this.



Date of Next Meeting

Monday 19th October at 7pm, The Griffin Pub, Gresford.


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis

Club Secretary

15th September 2015.