Wrecsam Tri Committee Meeting

Minutes from 8th Feb 2016 – produced by Kim Norman


Kim Norman KN,

Pete Ellis PE,

Claire Ballamy CB,

Kate Ellis KE,

Chris Smith CS,

Aline Briffa AB,

Gill Wood GW,

Julian Hunter JH,

Ian Laing IL

  1. Welcome Ian to committee as new Welfare Officer, other new positions for KN, CB & PE
  2. AGM review.
    1. Noise is an issue as the cafe gets busier, earlier meeting time an option.
    2. Total Fitness has been used in past although there is no real meeting room JH
    3. Decision needs to be made by September. Action on all to consider options.
  3. Christmas Party review.
    1. Good turnout at Holt Lodge
    2. Debbie O’Neil agreed to organise 2016
    3. KN & IL attended the Wrexham Road Club party in January at The Ramada & were very impressed with how well it worked. Buffet hot meal & deserts. Private function room & bar. Children welcomed. Fun club awards & presentations. Subsidised by club.
    4. d.Action on KN to get prices and discuss with Debbie.
  4. Coaching & Recruiting.
    1. We only have one run coach; two or more would share the role and be able to offer more sessions, relieve pressure from CS and different type of sessions.
    2. Action on PE to write article asking members to step forward for coaching courses. Funding is available to support from 2015 Community chest grant.
  5. Club membership
    1. Discussions around issue of what club members are getting from their membership regarding coaching. (linked to above point)
    2. b.114 members in 2015 but as yet only 61 paid subs for 2016. Action on KE to email the late members to remind them.
    3. c.Discussions around non members going to coached sessions & whether this should be limited to two free sessions if you join. Run sessions in particular. Action to include in agenda at next meeting.
  6. Welfare Officer
    1. As a new post the committee discussed their thoughts on what the post should provide. Ideas included support for marshals, children, families, each other & coaches.
    2. BTF Guidance to be shared. Action: PE to circulate
    3. c.All agreed a course would be a good idea. Action: PE to look into options.
  7. Club Equipment
    1. Making the distinction between members equipment such as paddles & fins and equipment bought for races (signs, stop watches, gazebo etc).
    2. Previous members’ equipment has included turbo trainers, paddles, fins & floats; purchased over 10 years ago is now all due for replacement. These were all originally stored at Gwyn Evans but their insurance did not cover our equipment so we were asked to remove all bar the swim equipment which stayed at our risk and was available to all at the pool.
    3. Opportunity to consider purchase of new equipment with new cash coming in from Bala & Chirk races.
    4. Storage, insurance and management of use of any equipment will need to be agreed in lieu of b) above
    5. e.Action on PE to write to members via ‘News bite’ to open discussions.
  8. Assets owned by the club – for club races
    1. Historically these have been stored at JH’s barn, going forward into 2017 this will not be available.
    2. b.Action on JH to produce list of club assets so that decision on future use & storage can be reviewed.
  9. CASC
    1. Various discussions around whether we are ready to apply for CASC, notion to delay any application until 2017.
    2. Action needed to create a procedure on how to keep club accounts with CASC in mind. Action PE/JH to draft guidance document.
    3. Action on event organisers to keep account records.
    4. d.Action to hold separate meeting on CASC issue alone. Action: PE to arrange later in year.
  10. 10.VAT and BTF expenses for officials
    1. Under the current structure the club falls below the level of funding requiring VAT registration and our target is to remain this way.
    2. JH reported that the BTF are now reacting to the pressure from HRMC on sports clubs and governing bodies regarding VAT, payment of Officials and coaches expenses etc. Many existing officials are expressing concern until resolved.
    3. c.Since meeting JH forwarded a recent email from Welsh Triathlon with mention of possible VAT for sports clubs course in North Wales. Action: JH and another to attend course and feedback outputs


  1. Events - Bala
    1. Now organised by WatsON Events but with key roles filled by club members.
    2. WatsOn Events will make additional payments to the club for the next 3 years for both Standard & Middle subject to getting a satisfactory number of helpers from the club.
    3. Entries are currently running at half compared to this time last year with 100 for Middle & 30 for Standard.
    4. Discussions around the number of triathlons there are to choose from in recent years, mostly run by commercial organisations, lots of date clashes, such as Conwy & Chirk, and Chester & Bala Middle (1 week apart).
  2. Events- Chirk
    1. 2016 the Chirk committee have hired the services of Dan Craigen & Nifty Entries to organise Chirk Tri as no other club member could commit to the time needed to organise the race. Race committee to fully support Dan on race day and with preparations with regular meetings and email as needed.
    2. Action on KN & Derrick Batty to get ‘News bite’ to members asking for race marshals. Slight change to previous years as no ‘helpers expense’ offered, instead a race marshal goodie bag. Any race profit after costs to go into club for club members to decide on how to use.
    3. Regarding CASC, KN to keep Chirk accounts as per previous years.
  3. Events – Border league. Next club organised race is 2017
  4. Social Media
    1. a.Two Facebook club accounts are confusing. Action: PE to contact Emma Tilston & Tim Burnett to close the little used account.
    2. News bite review. Committee agreed it’s a good way to get short news info to members. PE reported that 73% of emails are opened via Mail Chimp and seen as above average for such campaigns.
    3. News bite to continue as main source of club info rather than Facebook as only members get News bite whereas Facebook is open to non-members.
  5. Club Day
    1. a.‘Day in the Lakes’ was put forward by Mitch. Action: PE to contact Mitch for info for News bite
    2. b.‘Tandem Triathlon’ as attended by Morley’s, Ellis & Norman’s last year. Action: KN to write article for News bite.
    3. ‘Buddy Run’ at Llandegla on 1st Jan was well received, with nice mix of clubs; Chester Tri & Wrexham Athletics joined us. Cost to club £25 as shared with Chester Tri. Money raised from donations on day £46.29 for Nightingale House.
    4. d.Social fund proposal: CB proposed that a £200 annual budget be made available for club members to help organise & run social events for members (although not exclusively as in the case of the Buddy run). The idea was warmly received. Action: CB & KN to draft up some guidance for review.
  6. Date of next meeting 21st March, same venue.