Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 21st March 2016


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Pete Ellis, Kate Ellis, Claire Ballamy, Chris Smith, Ian Laing


Apologies for Absence:

Aline Briffa, Kim Norman


Item No.




PE – Introduction

PE welcomed everyone to the meeting.

PE ran through the agenda items.



PE - Minutes from the last meeting

PE invited the committee to comment on previous minutes.

PE advised that he would see if there were any Welfare courses offered in the North West of England rather than travelling to South Wales.

JH confirmed that the asset list was near completion, he also confirmed that the signage could be used for Chirk. Chirk committee to arrange with JH when to pick up the equipment before they go away on the Thursday before the race.

PE advised that Mitch is unable to arrange the Day at the Lakes. PE to send an email to the organisers to see if this is still on.

PE has had the date confirmed for the Tandem Tri and will distribute in the next version of the News Bite.

CB proposed a Captains Fund to encourage other members to organise activities. 5 x £50 grants with a maximum of £250 per year. This would be available to club members to apply for to arrange activities for other members. Applications would go to CB and to be verified by two committee members for an ASAP turn around. Grant can be used for such things as – transport/venue/instruction/equipment/ refreshments etc. All agreed to this. PE to write up scope and communicate in the News Bite.

Committee approved minutes.


Chirk Committee





2016 Events


a. Chirk Update

CB advised that everything was now in place for the event. A new format for the swim is going to be used to follow the Chester Tri set up. All the important posts are all confirmed. There are some pot hols on the bike exit which the committee have contacted the Council about.

There is a shortage on marshals, so all agreed to push for marshals to get the numbers up.



2016 Events


a. Bala (both)

JH advised that he is in communications with George Watson and the organisation is going well but the numbers are a concern at this stage as they are remarkably lower than last year.





All agreed to have review applying for CASC next year and then review the constitution.




PE to look into deleting one of the Facebook accounts.




Club Kit – PE confirmed that there had only been 10 orders and we need at least 20-25 for an order to go through. JH suggested adding the winter kit to make the numbers up or running vests. PE to go back to Ben at Pella to see if anything else can be done before we communicate that the 10 orders will be unable to be processed.



Date of Next Meeting

Monday 16th May at 7pm, Holt Lodge


Minutes compiled by;

Pete Ellis


22nd March 2016