Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting –20th September 2016


Julian Hunter, Pete Ellis, Kate Ellis, Kim Norman, Pete Norman


Apologies for Absence:

Claire Ballamy, Ian Laing, Gill Wood, Chris Smith, Aline Briffa


Item No.





KN welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced Pete Norman as club member observing meeting.



KN - Minutes from the last meeting (18/7/16)

Amendment as Gill Wood was not present at last meeting



Event Update

a. Chirk

2017 date set for 23rd April

KN to arrange meeting with Dan Craigen to progress 2017 race.

British Triathlon’s ‘Black Friday 25th Nov’ may be an opportunity to promote Chirk as beginner’s race. KN to investigate.

Chirk charity donations to Air Ambulance & Nightingale House should be added to Newsbite

KN outlined the wishes of Chirk race committee to use race proceeds to purchase a Defibrillator machine for use at Chirk race and organise club member 1st aid training for free. Club committee raised concerns about the management of the Defib machine, KN to take this back to Chirk committee. All agree 1st aid training was a good way of reinvesting into our club members. KN to progress






a. Bala (both)

Bala Olympic 2016 saw 230 enters.

Bala Standard 3rd Sept 2017 has European Championship Status.

Bala Middle date 4th June 2017.

The club continues to receive financial support from WatsOn Events as part of the 3 year agreement with Wrecsam Club in return for providing support for both Bala events.

KE raised concerns over low numbers of new marshals coming forward.


Other races

It is understood that Ellesmere Triathlon has folded due to low numbers for a few years and no new sponsorship.



Club Assets

JH has carried out a ‘stock check’ of club equipment at Sands Farm barn. The list is to be forwarded to committee members for discussion at next meeting to decide what if anything can be done to keep, use, sell or donate the items.

Agreed that club gazebo should be used at Cyclo Cross events. KN to organise.

Club open to suggestions for other uses e.g. social events, PE to promote this via Newsbite or FB






Welfare Officer Training

Welsh Athletics have offered ‘Safeguard Policy’ training but only in south wales area. PE has requested a North Wales venue.

PE to investigate possible training with Wrexham County Borough Council – ‘H&S for Sports – next step’ also possible opportunities with Sports for Wales/Welsh Sport



Captain’s Fund

This £50 fund is made available to encourage members to organise social events. Further promotion required via FB & Newsbite.

Committee members agreed to kick off the fund by advertising a run/bike in the coming months. CS, KN, CB & PE to confirm dates




Club Kit

PE progressing. Agreed to purchase T shirts to make up minimum order, these can then be sold on or used as prizes throughout the year.

PE to advertise again through FB before making final order with Rosa Sport




Currently 107 members fully paid up.

Subs for 2017 need to be agreed at next meeting to then propose at AGM. KN to add to agenda




Continued thanks to all our club coaches actively running sessions on a weekly basis. As a small thank you a Swim & Curry night will be planned in December & our coaches will be invited for free dinner. KN to arrange 8th Dec 8:30pm

Bill Crawshaw has expressed an interest in taking his Level 1 coaching course in order to assist Chris Smith at track sessions. It was agreed to fund Bill. PE to book course & liaise with Bill




2017 Club Event

Committee invites members to make suggestions for the club event next year, nominations will then be voted on at AGM. PE to promote via FB/Newsbite



Club Face Book

PE to encourage use of FB to post results & achievements of members as this is the best way for the club to communicate socially



Border League

Race dates to be promoted




Christmas Party

The Ramada hotel buffet suggestion is on hold.

PE to find a ‘lead’ person to take this event forward asap & canvas club members input




Discussions on how to get an improved turn out at the AGM.

Venue agreed to book Llandegla provisionally for 20th Nov




CASC to be reviewed in April 2017

KN to contact Chester Tri re orienteering event social

KN to investigate ‘hang over Hobble’ as a club fell run

CB to organise the ‘Buddy Run’ again at Llandegla

KN to produce a committee meeting schedule

Nick Thomas funeral to be attending by Pete Norman, donations to JustGiving £50 from club. KN to organise.



Date of Next Meetings

24th October at Total Fitness 7pm

AGM provisionally 20th Nov

8th Dec meeting & social. Country Spice 8:30pm, coaches to be invited.


Minutes compiled by;

Kim Norman