Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting –11th July 2017


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Chris Smith, Kim Norman, , Kate Ellis, Pete Ellis, Claire Ballamy

Apologies for Absence:

Ian laing, Aline Briffa, Max Williams


The main focus of this meeting were discussions based on items 3 & 14 from last minutes as below.

Item No.




Club Development Plan. Discussion re want member want from a club & why some members may have left the club. Set a target at 100-150 members for a viable healthy club.

Pete to seek feedback via Newsbite

Max to talk to Tim Burnett

All tasked with talking to 5 people club & non club members to general feedback about WTC.

Chirk Race revenue should have a use for longer term club planning.



Club website

In order to make sure this site is still fresh & up to date, an appropriate club member to be allocated a section/page to review each month. KN to allocate at next meeting. Update – names listed below have been allocated a tri club website to review page by page & report back at next meeting:


Kate Cadence

Max Mersey Tri

Aline Nottingham

Julian Rochadale

Pete BTF

Gill ManTri

Kim Oswestry

Claire Total Tri


Below are rough notes/bullet points for further exploration:


The main goal is a new Club Development plan by October 2017 in readiness for an November 19th AGM and pre Chirk tri entries opening (as this can be an incentive for new members to join)



In order for the Development Plan to be achieved the following were identified as required:

  1. Website refresh
  2. AGM date agreed 19th Nov
  3. Online membership renewal & joining (poss with Nifety Entries)
  4. Chirk 1st time database from Dan for introductory emails.
  5. Cycle session/Cycle coach established.
  6. Communication to members improved i.e. regular Newsbites or Newsletters (timescale to be agreed with Max)
  7. Bring Tome Brown into committee somehow or offer coaching training re cycling.
  8. Keep Roger Lines involved with swimming & support his coach training
  9. Look outside of club for cycle coach help ie Cheri Mills, or Dave Williams(Fibrax)
  10. Do we need a membership survey to keep us on track re development wanted by members?
  11. Further explore the opportunity with Freedom Leisure’s new spin suite at Waterworld via Andy Harris, possibility a regular club spin session could be establish through winter months.
  12. Gil & Julian looking to stand dowm from committee at AGM if replacements can be found.
  13. Explore opportunities with our local clubs regarding training sessions & 2nd claim memberships i.e. Wrexham Roads cycle Club, Marford & Gresford cycle, Chester Tri, Wrexham Athletics, swim clubs?
  14. Offer Chirk Tri practise sessions to encourage un attached to join the club.
  15. Recognise that the club needs to ‘facilitate’ members to drive training sessions.
  16. Club Facebook is very well used still



Alongside these discussions the following were captured:



Suggested items for next Newsbite from Max Williams

  • Cholmondeley castle team result
  • Captain’s fund still available & Chris’s Jodrel bank ride to use it for tea stop
  • Kit nightmare update from Pete
  • BTF level 1 coaching available & funded, need volunteers
  • London Athletics ticket discount available, who is going.
  • New Defib machine in Glyn Ceiriog from Chirk tri race monies and those who have done the defib training
  • Chris has completed his coaching course
  • Alp D’Huez team
  • Any xmas party ideas or other social event.