Wrecsam Tri Club Committee Meeting – 15th August 2017


Julian Hunter, Gill Wood, Chris Smith, Kim Norman, , Kate Ellis, Pete Ellis, Claire Ballamy, Tom Brown


Apologies for Absence:

Ian laing, Max Williams



•          Survey questions need agreement – its these answers from members that will steer the club on its development ideas to then be rolled out at AGM on 26th Nov – Priority

•          Wrecsam Triathlon Constitution - See Pete's email & attachment

•          Registration to CASC - Club Management Framework that incorporates club policies .e. Roles and responsibility, Member Welfare, accounts, coaching, communication etc – PE to present

•          BTF Awards

•          Website – advise all to consider capturing feedback from members on value of website in pending survey

•          Local event support – Seek endorsement from committee and add to comms

•          Freedom Leisure spin bike proposal – discuss value and costs to club and its members

•          AOB - raise

Item No.




AGM date agreed 26th November at Llandegla 10-11am.

Draft AGM agenda for next meeting



Survey questions reviewed by all and agreed, PE to mailchimp survey to members asap giving 10-12 days for a response, results to be analysed by committee at next meeting 26th September. It is the results that will steer the development of the club and allow proposals to be put forward at the AGM having given members good time to consider. The new development plan must be deliverable, elements will need to be prioritised and delivered in stages/phases.




Wrecsam Triathlon Constitution All reviewed new constitution, some changes made, PE to update. It follows the BTF framework & must align us with CASC, should be choice to become a CASC club in future. It will point to a suite of document & policies as suggested by BTF. Advise should be sought from the WTA rep once a draft is complete.

Junior membership – checks needed with BTF affiliation & insurance situation, also compare to age groups within Welsh Athletics.

Discussion around committee members having a 2 year term & to give 6 month’s notice of stepping down.

Members Handbook does state an expectation of members to volunteer at club events at least once in 12 months.

Each committee member to complete a ‘roles & responsibility’ templet to be provided by JH. This will assist in recruiting new committee members.

Temporary committee members can be appointed to fill gaps but voting rights withheld until AGM voted.

He role of President was discussed, not necessarily a committee role but an advisory position.





CASC TB & PE reviewed situation, not many Tri clubs have signed up. PE to provide summary of state club position, matter to be closed for 12 months

A welcome to Tom Brown, invited to meeting & taking time to read through CASC details & discuss with PE



Website. All to continue to make note of good website examples, expect to agree website overhaul following AGM & new development plan.



Marshes School – local event support. Initially to meet the school & discuss event. Perhaps look to point them in direction of BTF/WTA.



Freedom Leisure. Go forward with meeting Freedom leisure to explore opportunity for a regular winter spin bike session for club members



BTF Award – agreed that Chirk Tri should be nominated as Club event of the year. Submission by 7th Sept. Consult with Emma at WTA re word limit.



AOB Lance asked KN if another orienteering event with Chester Tri was planned. KN to contact Chester to discuss



AOB JH mentioned Bala still needs club members to volunteer. PE to contact members via mail chimp



Date of next meeting 26th September